Strategic Time Management: Applying Pomodoro® Technique

Advanced Workshop for Professionals and Teams

Live online with Francesco Cirillo
Four consecutive days, with each session lasting 3.5 hours
Total Workshop Hours: 14 hours

Sessions start: 4pm Dubai (GST)

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Francesco Cirillo

Individual Enrollment

First 2 New Clients: $320 per participant
Next 3 New Clients: $340 per participant
Standard: $700 per participant

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Group Enrollment

Small Team (2-4 participants): $420 per participant
Medium Team (more than 4 participants): $350 per participant

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Transform Your Workplace: From Time Management to Strategic Efficiency

In this interactive workshop series, we tackle the challenge of strategic time management by applying the Pomodoro® Technique. Our aim is to show how to practically implement the technique's principles and practices in real-world scenarios. On the first day, Francesco Cirillo will gather real-world scenarios from the participants. Then, throughout the workshop, he will focus on these scenarios, dedicating each day to a specific aspect of the Pomodoro® Technique, engaging in lively discussions and hands-on activities to master its application for enhancing productivity and workplace dynamics. Guided by Francesco Cirillo, we'll explore the core principles and advanced strategies of the Pomodoro® Technique, adapting these concepts to the unique challenges faced by professionals and teams. Whether it's refining effort estimation, optimizing daily workflows, or mastering strategic weekly planning, the workshop emphasizes practical applications and personalized feedback.

It's worth noting that this is not a course on the Pomodoro® Technique itself (if you're interested in a course, you can find them here). Each workshop edition may cover a selection of the topics outlined in the following Topics for Discussion—focusing on those most relevant to the challenges at hand, rather than attempting to cover all topics comprehensively. This approach allows for a focus on practical application and adaptability, enabling participants to learn and grow with each new edition of the workshop.

Topics for Discussion

Understanding the Pomodoro® Technique

  • Understanding the Origins and Evolution
  • Fundamental Rules and Objectives
  • Turning Time into an Ally: The Pomodoro® Internal Process
  • Principles Behind the Technique

Mastering the Pomodoro® Core Process

  • Effort Estimation and Activity Management
  • Minimizing Interruptions
  • Developing a Pomodoro® Flow

Enhancing Daily Productivity

  • Setting Goals and Prioritizing Tasks
  • Advanced Techniques for Dealing with Interruptions
  • Implementing the Pomodoro® Daily Individual Process

Optimizing the Pomodoro® Technique

  • Refining the Core Process with Reviews
  • Improving Focus and Efficiency

Strategic Weekly Planning

  • The Art of Weekly Scheduling with the Pomodoro® Technique
  • Balancing Multiple Goals and Deadlines

Defining and Achieving Objectives

  • Interactive Pomodoro® Productivity Clinic
  • Personalized Implementation Feedback
  • Q&A Sessions


Enhanced individual and team productivity

Maximize efficiency with focused work sessions and optimized team dynamics.

Improved time estimation and project management

Gain accuracy in planning and executing projects with effective time management skills.

Reduced stress and increased job satisfaction

Create a more balanced and fulfilling work environment by managing time and workload effectively.

Greater flexibility in handling tasks and emergencies

Adapt swiftly to unexpected changes and prioritize tasks efficiently under pressure.

Strengthened team collaboration and goal alignment

Foster a collaborative atmosphere with aligned objectives, enhancing overall team performance.

Who Is It For?

This advanced course is tailored for professionals and corporate teams, focusing on mastering the Pomodoro® Technique to boost productivity, manage time effectively, and enhance workplace efficiency. It's ideal for managers, team leaders, and employees at all levels who seek to optimize their workday and achieve high-level goals.

Digital Course

For those unable to attend the live workshops, there's an alternative way to benefit from Francesco's expertise. We offer a digital course option, where you can purchase video courses related to each workshop edition.

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Francesco Cirillo

Francesco Cirillo

Francesco Cirillo created the Pomodoro® Technique, a renowned time-management tool used by millions of people all over the world, while a university student looking for a way to get more done in less time. Francesco’s core focus has always been improving productivity and efficiency, by finding ways to achieve better results with less time and less effort.

Francesco has worked at the forefront of the software industry for more than 20 years. In a career spanning startups, multinationals and freelance consulting, he has mentored thousands of professionals, developers, managers and software teams.

Recognized as a global specialist in mentoring individuals and working with startups to Fortune 500 corporations to define product growth, improve processes, and boost design efficiency.


Claudine Hellmuth

"I've been using the @PomodoroTech for a week now to increase productivity. I'm now getting done is 6 hours what would take me 8! loving it."

David Tanzer

"It's amazing what you get done with @PomodoroTech - And in the breaks you can do other things - like housework #homeoffice"

Anyone can learn how to manage time if properly trained


The Pomodoro® Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo for improving productivity. It involves using a timer to break work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. This technique helps professionals manage their time more effectively, minimizes distractions, and increases focus, making it ideal for boosting productivity in corporate settings.

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